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Monday, 29 November 2010

I Won!


Yep, I won!  I completed NaNoWriMo with two days to spare.  Not bad for a first timer.

It seems an age ago that I contacted the Essex Chronicle and asked if they would be interested in a weekly blog throughout NaNo.  I was given a definite 'no', reason:  'it sounds a bit boring reading about you agonising over word counts each week'.  Mmm, can't say I've agonised over my word count once, just enjoyed the ride, as they say.  The marvel of bashing out words and not worrying about the editing process is really quite cathartic.  Usually I get waylaid by editing and what-ifs in my storyline.  This didn't matter a fig - I just get on and wrote with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way as my characters sometimes refused to do as I had asked.

And what am I left with?  Well, a very incomplete novel that needs tons of editing and rewrites.  I have a long slog ahead, that's certain.  But I am left with the coveted prize of a web badge, an enormous sense of achievement, excitement about kicking my book into shape......and tons of housework and ironing to catch up on!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Only three days and one evening until the start of the National Novel Writing Month challenge.  I think I'm prepared - but there's always more tweeking and I still haven't planned my chapters in detail - um, perhaps I need to spend the weekend with pencil in hand, frantically trying to connect brain and paper.  Just when I think I've got my plot sorted - up pops another 'what if'.  But I suppose that's the beauty and the point of NaNo - no time to second guess yourself or get stuck for hours of editing.  It's quantity over quality.  A very strange approach to creating a novel.............but my previous attempts have never reached the stage of total completion (let alone submission) so at least I'll complete 50,000 words and after editing hopefully have a manuscript worthy of submission.

Well that's the plan.....