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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


What an exciting start to the year.  One of the fruits of NaNo has been a fast, close friendship with three other NaNoids leading to the creation of a new writing group.  We've been busy setting up our 'constitution', deciding on a name (writebulb), organising our first meeting open to the public, deciding on a logo, setting up a blog (http://write-bulb.blogspot.com) and a Facebook group.  Not bad when we're not quite half way into January.

Chelmsford Library has been incredibly helpful and has offered writebulb a meeting room for the afternoon of the second Saturday of every month.  They publicised our first event (8th January) with posters in the library, information on library ticket receipts and on Twitter.

I didn't think I'd be nervous at all about the event.  Excited, yes.  But on the morning I took twenty minutes agonising over which tea, coffee and paper cups to bring to the meeting - my decision making ability was shot to pieces.  I was scared.  We had no idea how many people to expect, if any.  Writebulb was evolving so fast - from the TGIO party in December to our first public meeting just weeks later.  But we all agreed that if writebulb consisted of just the four of us, that was fine - we like the way we interact with each other.

We'd already had several emails giving interest in the group and a couple of people wanted to join but were unable to attend the meeting.  So how many paper cups to buy?  Four or forty-four?  I opted for what I thought could be a wild possibility of twenty-four.  How close to the mark I was.  On the day we had seventeen of us in the room - hurrah!  A success!

The meeting went really well.  Such a lovely mix of people with very different objectives, genres and interests.  Hopefully they'll come back for our next meeting on 12th February.


  1. NaNoid? I like it, LOL. I'm so excited about writebulb, too. Onwards and upwards!!! xoxox

  2. Thanks, Stu....when you look back we have achieved a huge amount in such a short time...world domination!! xx

  3. Hi Jane! I was one of the people who was interested, but couldn’t make it to the first meeting. I can’t wait for the next one though, it sounds like a brilliant project! Hope you’re well! Emma xxx

  4. Hi Emma - great to hear from you! Looking forward to seeing you in Feb xx