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Monday, 21 February 2011

Writebulb Logo

How exciting, Writebulb now has its own logo courtesy of my very good friend Gill Sanchez.

Gill is a very busy man – as well as creator of our wonderful logo, he is a talented artist and Mayor of Delmont, Pennsylvania.  From this description he may sound to be a brooding and serious man….not the Gill I know!  He is charismatic and funny......and a true friend (not many of those about these days).

The logo is important to our group as it's another step forward, another building block that cements us together.  We're already talking about the next step - business cards.

All this has had a positive impact upon my writing.  I've critically reviewed my NaNo and concluded it requires a total rewrite.  A year ago this would have been a daunting task and one I felt unable to tackle.  But now, with all the support around me I'm in a positive frame of mind and believe I can do it.  And I will - I have pledged to have the first three chapters completed by the end of June - yikes!

Thanks, Bulbs!  And thanks, Gill!


  1. Hi Jane (and Gill)! As Brigid said in a recent email, it's good to be working together under our brand and logo. I find it so inspiring, the work that we're producing with each other, and our band of writers! I know that the rewrite can seem daunting but, believe me, it's worth it. Stu x

  2. Good luck with your chapters! You inspired me to find a group of supportive writers who perhaps will ease the pain of starring at a blank screen. I keep thinking writing is a solitary activity, but perhaps it need not be.

  3. Many thanks! I'm so glad you've been inspired to find a writing group. Writebulb is so supportive and somehow it encourages me to find extra time to write and to be more productive. As you say, writing is such a solitary affair and it's great to get together with others who want to have fun, too!