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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Island of Wight

It's a long time since I visited the Isle of Wight and as this is the location for my novel-in-progress I think it's about time I revisited to refresh my memory.

I've booked a few days off work after Easter (and thanks to all the lovely Bank Holidays this is giving me a whoppping eleven days off work!) and have decided to spend a couple of days on the Isle immersing myself in the air that is 'worth sixpence a pint', according to Tennyson.  I have decided to (a) dump family and friends so as to allow total devotion to my research and (b) camp to allow total disconnection from my usual life.  I am sure that this total change and immersion in surroundings will do wonders for me-and-my-novel and I hope to return refreshed, brimming with ideas and a notebook filled with jottings and plans.

So while I am filled with excitement at making my plans (off to buy a new sleeping bag tomorrow), I'm not shirking working on the novel.  A draft and synopsis are in place and I am now working on detailed chapter plans - on schedule to complete the first three chapters by the end of June.

The Island of Wight is a very special place for me, which is perhaps why I have chosen it as the location for my novel.  It was the place we took our children for our first family holiday and my young son used to say with wonder in his eyes:  'We're going to the Island of Wight' to anyone who asked where we were going for our holiday.   So for me, it will never be simply an Isle - it is the magical Island of Wight.


  1. I am SO jealous! I'd give a limb to get over to Orkney to research mine. What a wonderful opportunity to get stuck right into your novel! Have a brilliant time, Jane - you deserve some R&R with your work :)

  2. Thanks Stu - no chance of going to Orkney? But to be honest, your writing is vivid that I feel as if I am there...I'm hoping to gain the same inspired writing from my trip!

  3. Hi Janie,
    It looks like a great place. Being her will work as a mental refresment for you. You need such escapes sometimes. By the way, is this your first novel or you have other works also?

  4. Hi Indra
    This is my first serious novel - I have tried to write a couple of others but never got this far...I hope to revisit the others one day and give them total rewrites. And you're absolutely right - mental refreshment is absolutely what I need.