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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

.......other things in my life

It's no secret that writing and reading are my passions but there is more to me than that.  I am passionate about my family and about my friends; I love nature, art, dance, yoga, birds, insects, animals, trees, gardening, food, laughter, the rain and snow, a deep blue sky with puffy white clouds, tea with milk and coffee with cream........but one of my biggest loves is my Mini Cooper, lovingly called Chicken Eve.

The Mini event season is here and as always, other commitments prevent me from attending all I would like but a couple of weeks ago I took part in the annual London to Brighton Mini run for the eleventh time!  You may think it would become boring but every run is different, admittedly some more enjoyable than others, but all hold special memories.....like the time we had torrential rain and nearly blew the electrics, or the day we snoozed on the beach and got sunburned.  My all time favourite is when it fell on my birthday and lovely hubby texted XFM on our way to Crystal Palace (at circa 4.30 am) and asked the DJ to play 'Happy Birthday Jane' by the Enemy.  The DJ read out the text and although the song wasn't on his playlist, he did make a good substitute.

I had a recent discussion with friends about finding the time for particular pursuits.  The general consensus appeared to be that it is important to maintain focus on one project in order to do it well.  I do agree with this, but only to a point.  Most things in my life are so important to me and in order to fit them all in I continually juggle and my priorities fluctuate - I try to go with the flow.  When I don't, I become stressed and then everything seems to jar and I lose my internal rhythm.

Interestingly, my favourite fictional characters are ones who have many facets and who surprise and inspire me.  I try to create my own characters as real, living people with their own quirks, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  In order to do this, I still live my life - writing is just one of my passions and without the rest, my writing would be one dimensional.  My other pursuits expose me to external influences and stimuli - so important for good writing.

So it may take me longer than planned to complete my novel, but I hope my writing will be richer and my characters more human through my love of being a participant rather than a spectator tapping away at the keyboard.