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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Autumn Joy

The past few days have been glorious.  A bit blustery perhaps but with lovely blue skies and a nip in the air.  Autumn is on its way.

Spring and Autumn are the seasons of anticipation:  Spring obviously so.  An end to drab winter it is all about drama and colour.  Buds burst and birds nest with a frenetic activity bordering on mania.   Like an unruly child, Spring tumbles over itself and charges ahead, unaware of its impact on all it touches.  Spring is fickle, a temptress seducing with hot days and then snow; new life emerges only to be frozen and withered.  Spring is vain:  she competes with Summer and sets her up to fail.  Early hot spells convince the bods at the Met Office that Summer will bring a heat-wave – but she rarely does.

On the other hand, Autumn has a measured approach.  She steps in when Summer begins to wane and has given up trying to deliver all that was promised by Spring.  Autumn is steady, solid.  She gives us warm days to enjoy and cool nights to sleep.  She turns the air fresh so that being outside is a joy.  The wind rushes through our hair and our cheeks glow as Autumn embraces us, asking us to be part of this season and be at one with her.

Autumn doesn’t shout, she is not garish or bold.  She is confident and kind, content to calmly go about her business without the need for fanfare or promises.

Autumn turns the trees into beautiful colours of reds and golds and gives us conkers and leaves to swoosh our feet through.  There are bonfires and fireworks and Christmas fairs……..and she gently leads us, gently prepares us for the dark, cold days and nights of winter.

I love all the seasons – they each have their charm.  But Autumn’s got my heart.

Right, think I’ll put my boots on and head out for a walk.


  1. I, too, love Autumn. The tarnished trees remind me of the brasses that my grandparents kept. Autumn signals the darker nights that I prefer to write in. Movies seem more exciting when it's dark outside, as do video games. I maintain that you absolutely cannot watch SciFi in daylight. So, yes, hurrah for Autumn!

  2. Hi Janie - I'm so glad I found your blog - and I so enjoyed reading your posts.

    Janice x

  3. Hi Janice - huge thanks for your comment. I really love your blog, it's so bright and cheery and your writing style is brilliant! I'm trying to add you to my blog list but blogspot is being capricious this morning....hopefully I'll get there eventually.