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Thursday, 8 March 2012

It's a Love-ly World

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I see friends shaking hands sayin', 'How do you do?'
They're really sayin', 'I love you'

Qote Courtesy of Satchmo

I’ve been gone for a while and I think it’s time I came back.

My last blog post was extremely emotional but I’ve moved on and I’d like to think, I’m even happier than before.  It’s corny, I know, but I’ve sort of reassessed where I am and where I’m going.  Time alone to brood provides you with boundless opportunities for introspection and while I’ve had my gloomy times, it’s not all been that way.

Life’s ticking on, it’s precious.  Embrace every moment.  I used to spout such sayings but not really appreciate the significance of the words.  I understood them and agreed with them but didn’t really live by that code.  I suppose it’s a bit like religion.  You can believe, go to church on Sundays and join in with the hymns and participate in the service.  But do you really feel it in your very being?  In your soul?  People laugh at the stereotypical ‘born again Christians’, and I wonder why?  They’ve found something and they want to shout it from the rooftops because it makes them feel so good.  What’s wrong with that?

I’m not particularly religious and if I had to put a label on what I am, I guess I’d go with spiritual-with-a-mix-of-most-faiths.  For years I’ve happily strolled through life never wanting to hurt anyone or anything and that was enough.

A change had started to come over me many months before my car accident.  I wanted to do more than just keep strolling through life and the phrase ‘time is precious’ kept playing in my head.  It’s probably just a mid life crisis and the panic of realising that if I’m lucky, I’m half way through my life.

But I'd like to think it’s something more than that.

And then there was the accident, a period of gloom and then a shaky steadiness to my inner self.  But then the steadiness became less shaky and gradually became rooted solidly within me.  I started to believe in people, I mean really believe.  I think I’ve been born again.

Now before you start thinking I’m going to spout a load of mumbo jumbo you don’t want to hear, let me explain.  By being born again I mean I truly feel something within me that has to reach out to others.  Another cliché:  happiness is in giving, not receiving.  I agree with this to a point……I feel so happy to help others, it makes me feel good but it also makes me happy when others are kind to me, I mean, who wouldn’t be?  And if everyone consciously tried to do just five kind things a day the world would be a better place (another cliché, I know).  But once you start with kindness it’s sort of addictive.  You can’t help yourself.  Your mind and soul gradually become open and before you know it, you’re finding opportunities all over the place to be kind.  And if everyone did this, the world could be a fantastic place which could lead to the end of wars and poverty and cruelty…….and I don’t really think that’s going to happen but I’m going to damn well try in my own small world, in my own small way.

By falling in love with truly living and opening your heart and soul wide, you are not so worried about the opinions of others and you are more able to deal with the blows.  You’re not worried about courting compliments or trying to impress.  You simply live in the best way you can and you reach out to others.  How many of us have been feeling low  because of a mood, something going on in our lives or coping with an illness?   And then a driver is abusive, a commuter knocks into you, the boiler breaks down; none of these are horrific incidents but when feeling low they can tip you just a bit too far.  But if your focus is outwards rather than inwards, it can change the way you think and react to situations.  It allows you to let go of the anger and embrace the world.

Yep, I reckon I’m a born again.  A born again what, I’m not quite sure.  But my heart’s wide open and I’m seeing life in high definition…..it’s pretty great.


  1. It is lovely to have you back Janie :) And I agree with every word you say. I think I have been slipping a bit lately though in the letting go of the anger department! Maybe letting the winter gloom and stress build up a bit. Now you have given me the inspiration to look outward more. What about Daisy Malone. How is she coping nowadays? xxx

    1. Hi Sue,thank you so much for your lovely comments. Hopefully spring is almost here and then our spirits will lift......

      Aah - Daisy. I'm connecting more with her again and I'm hopeful she'll post a blog very soon. xx

  2. Hi Jane,

    In some ways I can totally relate to your post. Ever since my marriage broke up last year I've found a new me, and I think I rather like her. I still have my low moments (I am only human after all), but apart from that, I've learned to be more open and receptive to others.

    I believe what set me on the path I now tread was the loss of my parents to cancer. It eventually dawned on me that life is way too short to be miserable; we only get one shot at this life so why live it as half a person?

    A great post, my friend! See you very soon (like Saturday!).

  3. Hi Carlie, Thank you for your comments and I'm so sorry you've had to experience such loss. I've only met the new you and she's lovely!

    See you on Saturday. xx