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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Could you spare a moment to read my blog, please?

Who knew that there's an official National Campaign for Courtesy?  And that two of its patrons are June Whitfield and Esther Rantzen?  (Incidentally, two ladies I unashamedly admire.)

I love the idea of a more courteous society.  What happened to the old-fashioned values of respect for others, offering a helping hand and saying please and thank you?

Of course most people are polite to the people they know:  friends, family and colleagues but can't this be extended to all those we come into contact with?  Can't everyone go about their daily life with empathy and kindness?  I know that I'm an idealist and at times my state of mind is fragile, but sometimes it's hard to cope with aggressive drivers, surly shoppers or pushy callers.  Is it that people have become so focused on getting to work, speed shopping or bagging that sale that they simply dehumanise those around them?  It's as if they're in a real life computer game and the people around them are simply annoying obstacles put there to make their day more challenging.  The only course of action is to whizz around the annoyances as swiftly as possible, or even try to push or bully them to go faster, move out of the way or buy their product.  The obstacles are stopping them from doing what they want to do, in the timeframe in which they want to do it.

Yes, to them, it's all about me.

To these people nothing else matters, as long as they get what they want they are happy.  And the problem is, this attitude is growing.

I am sure that most people are courteous and kind but wouldn’t it be great if we could all join together to stop the all-about-me way of thinking?  Being courteous to others is rewarding:  it’s such a lovely feeling to hold a door open for another person and for them to thank you or smile.

And I know I’m old fashioned, but manners cost nothing – just a moment of your time.  And the warm feeling you get in return for your effort lasts much, much longer......and the benefits are immense for each individual and society as a whole........

I like the National Campaign for Courtesy and I really hope it gets a huge following.

Thank you for reading   :o)


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