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Monday, 3 February 2014

A Gentle Reprieve

Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of bird song and watery sunlight warm on my face.  There was no sound of rain bashing against the window or wind gusting around the house, just the gentle chirping of birds in the stillness of a new day on the brink of blooming into something beautiful.

I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed this simple pleasure, floating in the sweet hinterland between sleep and wakefulness only vaguely aware of my surroundings.   The rain and wind have made it mentally difficult to rise, I’ve wanted to hibernate in my toasty bed and have remained as long as possible.  But yesterday I greeted the day with a lightness not felt for weeks and gladly got up, wanting to savour every moment of the glorious morning.

January in Essex has been wet and windy although, thankfully, not too cold.  We haven’t had the horrendous flooding and endless battering experienced by Somerset or Wales but the short days have usually been filled with gloomy skies and rain or the threat of it.

I don’t suffer from Seasonal  Affective Disorder nor do I have a general dislike for the rain or cold.  I’m lucky in that I enjoy the seasons and the joys each one brings.  And I can usually find the best in any weather:  a rainy Sunday can mean reading a book by the fire and snow usually entices me out for a walk in the woods.  But this January has been a tricky one with one storm following another and I suppose I’ve felt a little subdued and restless.  
Yesterday was such a treat.  The sky stayed blue for most of the day and the sun shone.  I couldn’t resist getting outside and Lovely Hubby and I happily took the dog for a walk.  The bitterly cold wind stung our faces and made our cheeks glow but it felt so good to be outside.  The fields were gloopily muddy but neither of us minded and the dog just ran and ran full of the joys this unexpected day had brought.

We saw snowdrops and crocus and buds starting to form on the bare trees.  The birds were busy, twittering in the hedgerows and we saw other people out with their dogs, too – our village was slowly coming out of hibernation.

Yesterday was wonderful.  A gentle reprieve from the rain and storms but we still have a long way to go till spring.  We’ll probably still get ice and snow and much more rain but I’ll carry the memory of yesterday with me through the weeks to come.



  1. Lovely photos! It's so good to get a reprieve from the storms. Here in Scotland, the morning was dry and we had blue skies - not for long - but I was lucky enough be be able to grab the moment and go out to walk my Westie, Polly, who enjoyed the sunshine too!

  2. Thank you! A Westie.....so cute :o)