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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An old biddy in a bind

A flat tyre on the way to work…..what’s a girl to do?  I cruised in a ladylike way to a halt but unfortunately I stopped at the junction of a mini roundabout – the place most likely to:

  1. Bring me complete attention,
  2. Stop traffic.

Thankfully it’s not a terribly busy place, just a little junction in a small village.  But the local commuters don’t like any kind of congestion – they have to deal with enough of it when they get on to the M25 or M11 so they certainly don’t tolerate the local kind.  Especially when they stare into the fishbowl into which I was sitting rather red faced and awkward-looking, and realise it’s not a young damsel in distress but an old biddy in a bind.  So, ungallantly, each one slowed, stopped, had a good look and then drove away.

I was only two miles from home and I wondered if I should call Lovely Hubby or the breakdown service.  I chose LH – he wouldn’t have left for work yet and he could tell me what I should do.  He’s my protector, my safe harbour in a storm and as far as cars go, the Wise One.  If he said I should phone the breakdown people, then I would, no problem.   But in true Superhero style he said: ‘Hang on!  I’ll come on my way to work.  Stay put!’  (You can see why I call him Lovely Hubby.)

Fed up with being the star of the Fishbowl Show, I decided I would leave the car.  But I was stopped mid-reach for my handbag by a tapping on the window.  Instead of the hard faced ones so far, this face belonged to a lovely gentleman, perhaps only a few years older than me, smiling in a friendly way from under his crash helmet.  Was someone coming to help me?  I nodded, yes, unable to speak as I was so surprised by his concern.  He said he could change the wheel if I liked, which was wonderful.  But luckily I regained my voice to let him know that Lovely Hubby was on his way and I was fine thank you very much and thank you so, so much for stopping, you really are most kind.  With a wink and a wave he sped away.

Feeling heartened, I got out of the car and stood a few feet away under a tree, hoping that I didn’t look too conspicuous.  The commuters continued to drive up, stop, stare and often they would look around for the owner.  I would smile which seemed to confuse or irritate them, I’m not sure which because no-one smiled back and they all just drove away.

Needless to say I was very relieved when LH arrived, deftly changed the wheel and set me back on my way to work.