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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lucky the rescued swallow

Just look what Lovely Daughter brought home from the stables last week.  Poor ‘Lucky’ had fallen from his nest which was at least 30 feet high and was found lying quietly on the ground.  One of the girls working at the stables got to him before the cat did and thought:  ‘I wonder what to do with him?  I know, I’ll give him to LD – she’ll know what to do.’
Yes, LD is completely gaga over animals and is a regular Doctor Doolittle.  She understands them, gets on their wavelength and communicates in a way I’ve never seen before.  People ask her to look at their naughty horses and LD shows the owners how to see things from their horse’s perspective and counsels them on how to get along.  She has an amazing bond with her own horse who was a complete nightmare when she first got him but will now do anything for her.
So if anyone could save Lucky, it would be LD.  Naturally Lucky came to our house and was immediately placed in LD’s room in a temporary home made of hamster bedding with a little cuddly toy for warmth and companionship.  LD did lots of research on the internet, purchased food and proceeded to feed the tiny creature hourly. 

At first Lucky hardly moved and had to be coaxed to eat but he soon started to recognise that humans meant food and would open his beak and chirp in that birdy sort of way.  We were enchanted and started to make plans for the next phase of his development.  He had started to move around a little and for now was secure, but we would have to rig something else up to keep him safe.

But sadly, after just sixty hours since falling from his nest, Lucky died.  We had been so hopeful for him – he had been a feisty little thing and with his guts and LD’s care we felt sure he would grow and in time be released back into the wild.

LD buried him in the back garden, along with our other deceased family pets (‘rescue’ rabbits and guinea pigs).  LD was sad but she knew that she had done her best and although Lucky’s end was far from being lucky, he’d had the best chance possible.