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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year....and remember to breathe

Happy New Year!


My first blog post of 2016 is to wish you all peace, love, happiness and good health for 2016. And remember to smile…..a smile does wonders for your own good health and spreads a little sunshine to those around you  :o)


And if you made New Year’s resolutions – good luck!  I hope you manage to keep them and I hope that they fulfil you and bring you peace.


I don’t tend to make solid resolutions: just the usual, eat less and exercise more…find time for writing. But this year I’ve gone a step further:

  • Remember to breathe, and

  • Remember to be kind.


Breathing sounds simple, we do it automatically, but my resolution is to consciously breathe. Not all the time, obviously! But at some point in each day I am focusing on my breath and on my surroundings. I tune in to how I am feeling and really connect with how my body is interacting with the world around me. I hear birds singing, the rush of traffic, the swish of the trees in the breeze, the clatter of a bottle being thrown into a recycling bin. This is my world and I acknowledge that I am part of it: I am here, right now.


And being kind? Well, I consider myself to be a kind person, most people do. Here at home we’ve had a hellish eighteen months coping with a family member’s dreadful illness. And I’ve been too closed in to think about being kind – to myself or anyone else (although I hope I  have been kind). All focus has been on getting through each day as best I can and finding ways to support everyone in my family. We’re all adjusting now and we’re in a far better place than we were this time last year. I am hopeful that I can say the same again this time next year.


And so my resolution is to be consciously kind: not only to myself but to all those I meet or interact with. A smile, passing pleasantries, picking up a dropped piece of paper, opening a door – all small acts of kindness that help me feel connected again and hopefully make a small impact on those around me.


I’m enjoying this new year so far. With so much sadness in the world and so much terror and hate, I am at peace in my own little corner, consciously rejoicing in life.



But to spoil the mood a little, when I signed into Blogger today, I had a notice to say that some changes will be being made over the next few weeks and that people will need a Google Account in order to follow blogs…….so if you don’t have one and would still like to connect with me…..a Google Account is free and easy to set up…..good luck, and happy New Year!



  1. Happy new year Jane! I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog. You are right about the breathing - how it helps you to stop and to connect you with what is around you and to bring you into the present moment. We all need to do it. Wishing a wonderful and perfectly lovely 2016.
    Janice x

  2. Thanks, Janice - and a happy New Year to you, to. At the moment I'm connecting with the rain - and it's beautiful xx